Financial Aid Award Information

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The Student Financial Aid Office and One Stop Student Services are staffed by caring professionals who make it their business to assist you in every way possible. Our staff and this website provide expert information regarding financial aid, application procedures, budget planning and debt management.

Carefully review the information on this page and the links provided to assist you in meeting your costs and using your aid to meet your educational goals.

Use the button above to see important updates on aid for the year.

  • Last Updated: 06/20/2016
  • Use the "Accept/Decline Financial Aid" link in the "My Financials" tab of Catalyst to act on your award offer.


Use the button above to see important updates on aid for the year.

Following Aid Acceptance

Your aid, once accepted, will show on your student bill as a credit or an anticipated credit when you are enrolled in classes for the given term.

Be sure you meet eligibility criteria for funds to post to your bill. In particular, co-op students and students attending part-time should review how their aid may be affected by their enrollment. 

Additionally, there are specific regulations surrounding when loan funds can process

Maintaining Eligibility

Your aid is intended to help you reach your academic degree goals. As such, it is important to make sure your coursework applies to your academic program.

Withdrawal from individual courses or a complete withdrawal can drastically affect your aid for that term or future terms. Your grades and completion rate determine your academic progress toward your degree.


Important Steps for First-Time UC Loan Borrowers

It is important that all first-time UC loan borrowers -- student and parents -- need to complete key elements of the loan process to ensure their loan arrives on time.