Cincinnatus Scholarship Program

December 1st Admission Application Deadline
for Cincinnatus Consideration!

The cornerstone scholarship program for incoming freshmen to the University of Cincinnati is Cincinnatus. The brightest and most promising prospective freshmen in all academic disciplines are selected to receive renewable awards totaling more than $22 million in University of Cincinnati four-year scholarships.

To be considered for awards, incoming freshmen with a strong high school record must have a complete application for admission (the Common Application* including UC-specific areas, high school-submitted transcript, and official test scores sent directly from testing agencies) by December 1st of their senior year.  Eligible Cincinnatus scholars will be determined by academic program.

2018 Cincinnatus Scholarship Award Levels

10 Presidential awards of $94,000
(est. $23,500 per year covers full tuition, fees, room, board,
and a book allowance)
Up to 60 Excellence awards of $72,000
(awarded to National Merit and Hispanic Scholars Finalists;
est. $18,000 per year covers in-state tuition, fees, on-campus room,
and a one-time $1,500 to support computer purchase,
study abroad experience, or undergraduate research)
Century and University awards
ranging from $6,000 to $24,000 ($1,500 to $6,000 per year)
  • Annual $3,000 Cincinnatus Out-of-State Scholarship added to awards for students ineligible for Ohio, reciprocity or metropolitan tuition rates or UC National Outreach Award.
  • All Cincinnatus scholarships are renewed for the length of the undergraduate academic program providing the student maintains a 3.2 GPA and completes the annual 30-hour community service requirement.
  • National Merit & National Hispanic Scholars Semi-Finalists should identify themselves to Admissions for specific information regarding Cincinnatus Excellence award qualifications.

Award Determinations

Again, only students whose admission application (including transcript and official test scores) are complete by December 1, 2017, will be considered for scholarship awards.

  • Qualifying students will be determined based on their overall admission application (including response to the personal statement), transcript, and test scores.

  • Consideration for award amounts will be based on the qualifying student for each academic program.

Cincinnatus scholarship awards will be mailed to the highest achieving students in their selected academic program. Based on institutional enrollment goals, additional students may be awarded at the discretion of the university.

Cincinnatus is not just another scholarship program. With its focus on community service while enrolled, students turn their unique experiences, aptitudes, and abilities into a quality education at the University of Cincinnati.


* Students applying to branch campus programs utilize the UC Online Apply application and do not submit a letter of recommendation; high school transcript and test scores sent by agencies are required for scholarship consideration.


cincinnatus folder close up

December 1 is also the early action deadline used for most other UC freshmen scholarship awards including most college-based awards.

For maximum scholarship consideration across campus, all incoming freshmen are encouraged to have a completed admission application (the Common Application* including UC-specific areas, high school-submitted transcript, official test scores sent directly from testing agencies, and at least one letter of recommendation) submitted by December 1.

Details will be sent to Cincinnatus-qualifying students in early February. Cincinnatus awards will be made in mid-March.

All UC scholarship awards are made in accordance with the UC scholarship policies.