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Scholarship Service Reporting

Your scholarship renewal is based on annual evaluation of your GPA at a 3.2 and reporting of your community service hours. We want to make that reporting easy for you.

Based on student preference or those of the service agency, scholars have two means for turning in their service hours. You can exclusively use one or the other or can submit a combination of hours through both means.

UGIVE Registration

UGIVE is an online database that allows any UC student to review service options hosted by various service providers, register for events and opportunities, and receive provider validation of service hours completed. It is an easy means for scholars to not only complete their service for scholarship renewal but also build a service resume for their job search or grad school application processes. It also provides you an easy record of your service should you have to submit your efforts to student organizations or others.

Signing up for UGIVE is easy.

  • Go to and you will automatically be redirected to UC's central login process that uses your 6+2 username.
    • Your user name is the same as your UC email account username.
    • It is based on the 6 letters of your last name and your 2 initials unless another student has a similar combination of letters.
    • The password should be the same as your UC email account.
  • As a student accessing UGIVE for the first time, you will be redirected to the UGIVE registration process. 
    • Review to ensure your UCID and name are reported accurately.
    • You will also be asked a few other items including your program of study.

Key to the registration process will be to be part of the correct scholar group within UGIVE so that your hours are reported back to our office. You can be part of other groups within UGIVE as well, but please sign up for Cincinnatus Scholars or UC Global Scholars based on your scholarship as your PRIMARY organization so that the Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center will receive notification of your completed, validated service hours.

You will also want to monitor UGIVE to ensure your service site has validated your hours after the event or activity. Please give service providers 2 weeks to complete the validation process before contacting them.

NOTE: Many service providers find it far easier to sign a paper report form at the time you give service than going back into UGIVE to record volunteer hours completed. Consider using UGIVE to find options for service and the paper form for turning in hours.

If Cincinnatus or UC Global is not a listed group for you, use the "Join a Group" link in the menu following registration. The down arrow next to your college name (in the upper right once signed in) will allow you to join other groups. You can also go to

Students with questions about registration or the UGIVE site can email

UGIVE Service Volunteering & Automated Reporting

As a UGIVE registrant, you can access the Website at any time at

On the site, you will be able to review a host of service opportunities offered throughout the Cincinnati area. New opportunities will be added routinely by service organizations registered with UGIVE so students are encouraged to review the listings regularly.

General service options are listed. While most will meet the requirements of service for your scholarship renewal, listing within UGIVE does not automatically make them authorized scholarship opportunities. You can contact or 513-556-2420 if you have questions about any opportunity after reviewing basic service requirements.

When reviewing service options, you will also be able to register for individual events. Please be respectful of service providers by keeping your commitment once you have registered to be at an event. They are counting on you being in attendance.

Following the event, service providers will validate your completion of service. You can also log on to the UGIVE site to see that your hours have been validated as complete. This validation may take several days depending on the individual service agency.

You will want to monitor your completed service via UGIVE to ensure that your hours are validated by the service provider. Validated hours for registered Cincinnatus or UC Global Scholars (see above process) will be the only hours we can use toward your scholarship renewal.

Because some service providers find it far easier to sign a paper report form at the time you give service, you may want to consider using UGIVE to find service options and utilize the paper form for turning in completed hours.

The Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center will retrieve completed, validated hours on a monthly basis for all students registered as a member of the Cincinnatus group within UGIVE. Therefore, no further action is required to submit hours completed via the UGIVE process.

Paper Community Service Report Form

Scholars who volunteer at service agencies (particularly those outside of the Cincinnati area) not utilizing UGIVE will need to submit the paper Community Service Report Form*. 

The type of service provided is noted, and the scholar must sign the report form. A non-student representative of the agency or organization will also sign off on the service entry.

In some cases, service providers prefer the ease of completing a paper validation v. the UGIVE validation process as they may not be equipped with ready access to computers.

Only use the paper submission for hours NOT reported and validated as complete in UGIVE.

Forms are submitted to the
Scholarship & New Student Financial Aid Center
340 University Pavilion
513-556-2253 (fax)

It is wise to make a copy of your report form(s) for your own record prior to submission.

* Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download, is required to view and print this form.

students cleaning up computer storage

Service hours are to be completed during the academic year. Your service must have occurred after the first day of fall term and completed and submitted by the final day of spring semester.

For 2014-15, the final day for completing or submitting hours for scholarship renewal is Friday, May 1, 2015. Students who are submitting hours for summer 2015 scholarships also need to submit the hours by May 1st in order to be renewed in May for the 2015-16 academic year.

While there is no requirement to submit hours each term, scholars are encouraged to submit their hours as they complete them in order to avoid problems at the end of the year. Service reported as complete via UGIVE will be reviewed and posted to your renewal record on a monthly basis. Students submitting paper service reports are asked to submit them routinely throughout the academic year as well.

Students can assume their submitted hours are eligible toward their renewal requirement. In cases when hours are not acceptable, scholars will be notified via email when the service is reviewed monthly from UGIVE or generally within 2 weeks of submitting a paper report form.

Questions on UGIVE:

Questions on Cincinnatus, authorized service, or service hours: or 513-556-2420