Work-Study lets you work and earn money to help pay for your costs. It is a need-based employment opportunity given to you as part of your financial aid package.  

Program Description Eligibility Amount Terms
Federal Work-Study Federally subsidized employment program awarded by UC Based on financial need; early FAFSA application Earning eligibility to $3,000 Unlike other aid that is credited to the bill, bi-weekly paycheck received based on hours worked; hourly wage depends on job responsibilities
Federal Work-Study - Summer Same as above Based on financial need; application available  beginning February 1 Earning eligibility to $2,500 Same as above


  • Must be admitted into a degree program to receive work-study.
  • Eligibility criteria subject to change; maximum amounts are estimates and dependent upon sufficient funding.
  • Early FAFSA application means limited funding; awards are made on a first-come, first-serve basis until funding is depleted.