Frequently Asked Questions

As an aid recipient, you can use your aid for approved study abroad experiences. It does require planning, and your aid may not cover all costs.

The Student Financial Aid Office is available to assist you in determining aid eligibility. Talk to our office as you begin your planning so as to know what aid you have or don't have prior to locking in a study abroad experience through deposits or flights. Many common questions are discussed below to help you begin the planning.


Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial Aid Paperwork

Faculty-Led Abroad Courses & Programs


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These questions and answers can assist you in preparing for financing your study abroad experience.

Proper planning and work a semester ahead of your experience can assist you greatly in meeting requirements and having funding available at its soonest possible time.

While you are likely to need to cover deposits, plane fare, passport, and other planning costs before aid is disbursed, you want to have all study abroad financial pieces complete in the term ahead of your travel to take the most advantage of your available aid.