Off-Campus Employment

Some students prefer to work off-campus. There are many opportunities to do so in the Clifton area where UC's central campus is located. As well, a plentiful job market for the Greater Cincinnati area allows students to work part- or full-time jobs while attending school.

Job Location Service

Within the Career Development Center (CDC), there is a Job Location and Development program that specifically assists students find off-campus employment. The office seeks and posts many employment opportunities. CDC is located in University Pavilion (1st Floor in the Student Success Center) and can be reached by calling 513-556-3471.

This service is open to all UC students who desire employment, regardless of financial status.

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While most work-study positions are on-campus, there are a limited number of off-campus opportunities available. Work-study jobs, available to persons awarded work-study as part of their financial aid package, are posted online.