Federal Work-Study Job Search

The Federal Work-Study job search process can occur via two websites:

  • SuccessFactors: The general UC job search process at jobs.uc.edu
    • To view only jobs available as a student worker (to include Federal Work-Study jobs), select the student entry point from the three job categories.
    • Even if you are a current student worker, use the student entry point (and not via the "current UC employee" link).
  • Handshake: UC's career services platform at uc.joinhandshake.com
    • Handshake users should use the on-campus filter.
    • Handshake also has a mobile app available by searching "Handshake Jobs & Careers."

Work study positions can be found by searching “work-study” or "work study" within each website.

Jobs for the upcoming academic year begin posting in August and will continue to post throughout the academic year.

Additional jobs will be added as employers post them. While most jobs are posted in August/September (for the academic year) and April/May (for summer), jobs are listed throughout the year. Students looking for a job should check the listings frequently as jobs will be added weekly.

Students wishing to return to a past work-study job can contact their previous employer for details on the hiring process. The student will likely be required to complete at least a portion of the online process.

Verifying Your Work-Study Eligibility

When asked to provide a copy of your Financial Aid Award when applying for Work-Study positions, go to your online award offer. Copy and paste the award offer into a Microsoft Word document. You can then easily attach it to online applications.

Work with your hiring department to complete all steps of the student employment payroll process.

student on lap top

"Work-Study Student" positions in the listings are available ONLY to students with a Federal Work-Study award as part of their financial aid package. At the same time, most on-campus employers will gladly hire work-study students for their "Student Worker" positions.

Please alert all potential employers that you are a work-study student, and be prepared to provide a printed copy of your online award offer as proof of your eligibility.