Helpful Financial Aid Links

We know that, while a lot of your financial aid questions when enrolling and as a student can be answered by Student Financial Aid and One Stop, there are other issues that surface related to your financial aid or that  involve non-UC offices.  The following list of links can assist you in addressing your financial aid issues.

Issue Office or Agency Phone
UC Financial Aid Student Financial Aid Office 513-556-1000
College of Medicine Financial Aid (for M.D. students) COM Financial Aid Office 513-558-6797
Federal Application (FAFSA) Federal Aid Programs 800-4FED-AID
Federal Aid Programs U.S. Department of Education 800-4FED-AID
Tax Information Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 800-829-1040
Federal Student Aid Personal Identification Username & Password (FSA ID) ---
Selective Service Registration Selective Service 847-688-6888
State of Ohio Grants & Scholarships Ohio Board of Regents 888-833-1133
Scholarship Search (non-UC) ---
Direct Loan Application 800-557-7394
Direct Loan Servicing
Direct Loan Servicing Center
Loan Servicing (for loans taken out prior to Direct Lending/2010-11)
Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation 800-247-0462
Federal Perkins, Nursing or Health Professions Loan Servicing UC Collections Office 513-556-3431
Federal Student Aid Ombudsman (for help resolving disputes and issues) Federal Aid Ombudsman 877-557-2575
National Student Loan Data System NSLDS ---
Veterans/GI Educational Benefits
UC Office of Veterans Programs and Services 513-556-6811
Federally Required Disclosures about UC Right to Know ---


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Students seeking assistance with repayment issues for federal student loans will need to speak to the appropriate office or agency.

Direct Lending, required since 2010, will see most student and parent loans held by the Department of Education. Federal Stafford and PLUS Loans taken at UC prior to June 2010 are most often serviced by Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation.

Federal Perkins, Nursing, or Health Professions Loans are serviced by the UC Collections Office.