Cincinnati Pride Grant

Graduates of Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) in or after 2002 with a minimum 2.20 high school GPA who have not attended college after high school graduation (or who are direct transfers from Cincinnati State Technical & Community College after attending direct from a CPS high school with a minimum 2.20 cumulative Cincinnati State GPA) can be considered for the Cincinnati Pride Grant (CPG)*.

Otherwise qualifying student who do not meet the GPA requirement upon entering UC can be considered for Pride Grant with a minimum 2.25 cumulative UC GPA after completing at least 12 UC credit hours and continued Pell eligibility.

The Cincinnati Pride Grant recognizes UC’s long-standing partnership with the Cincinnati Public School System and reaffirms its commitment to CPS’s graduates.

Eligibility & Application

After applying for admission to UC, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). CPS students who are determined to be Federal Pell Grant-eligible will automatically be considered for CPG.

The CPG program assures the overall combination of federal, state and institutional aid will equal the full cost of tuition and a book allowance for those graduates of Cincinnati Public Schools who might not otherwise be able to afford a college education.

UC makes a great education affordable by preparing financial aid packages based on the specific needs of each student as determined by the FAFSA. Some students’ award packages may include a combination of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs, while others may contain only a loan. To ensure that students get the best award possible, they should complete and submit both their application for admission and a FAFSA as soon as possible.

Students and families can get answers to many of their questions by reviewing our CPG FAQs*.

Campus Partnership

To help student success, the Student Financial Aid Office has partnered with the Office of Learning Assistance and the Gen-1 programs. CPG students will be offered academic support programs designed to assist local students -- both commuting from home and those living on campus -- transition to college.

Additionally, advisors will work closely with students who are in danger of losing their CPG eligibility so that structured assistance can heighten success and award retention. Failure to work closely with academic support systems when a student is having academic difficulty can result in withholding of CPG awards.


Cincinnati Pride Grants are automatically renewed for up to four years (8 semesters), provided the recipients adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Maintain Federal Pell Grant eligibility each year,
  • Maintain federal guidelines for academic success,
  • Maintain continuous, full-time enrollment for all fall and spring semesters until graduation, and
  • Remain in good standing within their degree-granting academic program.

CPG students, by the nature of their award, who have careful financial planning and limit their college costs can graduate debt-free or with very little loan debt.

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The CPG coordinator and other advisors in the Scholarship and New Student Financial Aid Center are more than happy to answer any questions students and their families might have about the Cincinnati Pride Grant* and other scholarship and financial aid options at the University of Cincinnati.

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